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wintry_hours's Journal

with song and tale we pass the wintry hours
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multifandom icons, fics, movies, tv shows, broadway
This is secondmezzanine's fic/icons journal.

I try my hand now and again at fanfiction but rarely post it. I'm working on that. Nor am I one of those fancy and prolific icon-makers who can do amazing and mind-boggling things with PhotoShop and what-not. But I do really enjoy capping DVDs and it pleases me to make them into boxy little obsession-displayers. I like a wide variety of things (Broadway, movies, mostly cute boys though, especially if they have European accents). Besides, what else am I going to do with my time but make icons and write shippy stories?

Awww, thanks for nominating/voting for me, guys!! Or even just reading it. You're swell! :)

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